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Breast Augmentation – How Long is Recovery?

Breast Augmentation in Buffalo, NYFrom start to finish, having breast augmentation can be a long, drawn-out process if you haven’t been properly prepared and don’t know what to expect. It’s important to understand the process thoroughly, so you’re better able to time the scheduling of the surgery and you’re better able to prepare for the recovery period afterward.

Keep in mind that every woman goes through recovery at her own rate, so it’s really impossible to know precisely how long it may take for any one person. But there are some general guidelines that most patients will encounter at some point during their recovery period.

The First Few Days

During the first few days after the procedure, it will be hard to see how amazing your breast augmentation results will eventually become. In the post-op days immediately after surgery, your body will be swollen, the implants will typically appear to be situated high on your chest and your breasts may not appear as naturally rounded as they should be. Don’t panic. This is all perfectly normal.

A Few Weeks Into Breast Augmentation Recovery

After a couple of weeks or so, the bruising is usually gone, but you’ll probably have swelling for a while longer. This is the period of time when the implants may begin “dropping” into place for some patients. Don’t worry if yours do not and remain sitting up high; the time frame varies for each patient.

By the time you reach six weeks post-op, your breasts will be softening, and you’ll see noticeable improvements in how they look and feel. One breast may have dropped more than the other, but this is a common occurrence, and will usually correct itself, so don’t be alarmed. The whole process takes time, so be patient with your body as it heals and recovers.

Three Months After Breast Augmentation

The shape of the breasts will be much improved, and some women will be almost totally healed. For others, it may take another month or so for the breasts to become softer and the implants to drop completely into the proper position.

Swelling should be just about gone, and you should be allowed to return to any running or upper body exercises you were doing before the surgery.

After Six Months

By this time your breasts should be in their optimal position and will feel very soft to the touch. The shape should look natural and rounded on the sides as well as the bottom. You may be advised to wear an underwire bra from now on. A well-fitted sports bra with good support will likely be recommended for any high-impact sports activities.

Every Breast Augmentation Recovery is Different

This timeline is just to give you a broad overview of how long the average recovery time might be. Your recovery could happen more quickly or take a few weeks longer. That’s perfectly acceptable, as each patient moves through the recovery process at her own body’s pace.

Just be sure to closely follow any and all instructions Dr. Dawli gives you, as this gives you the best chance for the speediest, most pain-free, problem-free recovery possible.

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