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How to Reverse Your Crow’s Feet

As we age, everything in and on our body begins to show more wear and tear. The face is one of the most obvious places we see signs of getting old. Lines and wrinkles tend to be especially apparent in the most inconvenient places, such as at the corners of the eyes. Crow’s feet or the creases at the outer corners of the eyes are a common complaint amongst our patients, and they tend to be the earliest sign of aging. What can be done about it? Allow us to explain.

When we talk about lines and wrinkles, we have to understand they are either static or dynamic. Static lines are those that are present without the face doing any form of movement. Dynamic lines, on the other hand, are those that are caused when the muscles move to make facial expressions. In most cases, crow’s feet lines are dynamic, as they are the result of many years of smiling and or squinting. If not treated early, the crows feet can eventually become permanent and more difficult to treat.


Consider Botox® or Dysport®

If you are looking to address the dynamic lines that have caused your crow’s feet, Botox® can help. One of the safest and most trusted products on the market, Botox® works to prevent the facial muscles from moving. Without the constant creasing as a result of muscle movement around the eyes, your current crow’s feet will become less noticeable and you will prevent new lines from forming. Botox® is a simple injection that is done in our office and requires zero downtime. Patients can begin to see results immediately.

Try a Chemical Peel

If you believe that your crow’s feet are actually static lines, a resurfacing treatment, such as a chemical peel, could help. A chemical peel is designed to exfoliate and ultimately peel back the outer layers of skin, leaving a behind smoother, less wrinkled you. This is one treatment where the results may require some patience, depending on the level of peel you elect to have. However, once the redness has subsided and new skin has formed, you can enjoy your younger, fresher appearance.

Let Buffalo Plastic Surgery Reverse Your Crow’s Feet

If you have crow’s feet and are wondering which removal method is best for you, we are happy to help. Led by Dr. Tamara D. Dawli, we have assisted countless patients in the Western and Greater New York areas, Pennsylvania, and Canada get rid of their crow’s feet to look younger and feel better than before. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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