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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Buffalo, NY

Patients in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area with large, protruding or deformed ears may benefit from otoplasty by Dr. Tamara B. Dawli, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a fellowship in cosmetic surgery.

What is Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)?

Otoplasty, a type of ear surgery, helps to reduce or alter the size and shape of your ears. At your consultation, Dr. Dawli will discuss the problems you have with your ears and develop a personalized ear surgery plan for you. Otoplasty can involved pinning back the ears or making the entire ear smaller. Sometimes the lobe of the also needs to be made smaller.

Why Choose Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)?

Are you concerned about ears sticking out too far from the side of your head? Through the correction of misshapen ears, Dr. Dawli can help you achieve balance, proportion, and normal ear shape. Some people who chose otoplasty are embarrassed by the way their ears stick out or some by the shear size of their ears.

What is the Procedure for Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)?

Ear surgery may reshape and reposition your ears, so they align more proportionately with the natural contours of the face. After assuring the patient’s comfort with local or general anesthesia, Dr. Dawli makes incisions just behind the ear and in concealed locations to limit scaring. Cartilage and skin is removed or reshaped to achieve the correct aesthetic effect. If the ears stick out, the cartilage may be shaped and also pinned back with permanent sutures.

How Much Does Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) Cost?

Your otoplasty costs, which will be discussed during your consultation, will vary from patient to patient. We accept all forms of payment, including credit cards and checks, and offer convenient financing options

Residents of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Williamsville, Amherst, Clarence, Hamburg, and West Seneca, can schedule a consultation now with Dr. Tamara B. Dawli, Western New York’s premier cosmetic surgeon, and American Society of Aesthetic Surgery fellowship-trained plastic surgeon for both women and men of all ethnicities. Dr. Tamara B. Dawli performs procedures for both the face and body at Buffalo Plastic Surgery at multiple locations throughout Western New York. Contact us today!

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