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Where should I go for My Plastic Surgery? Stay local?

Plastic Surgery in Buffalo, NYThere are a lot of questions when choosing a plastic surgeon. We understand that extensive research and consideration must go into the type of cosmetic procedure, pricing, results, and location. Thinking about plastic surgery, but wondering if you should stay in Buffalo? Travel elsewhere? At Buffalo Plastic Surgery, we believe that staying local is the way to go. 

Surgeon Will Be at Your Fingertips 

Many question whether or not it is worth traveling for a plastic surgeon or going to an office in their hometown. Staying close to home will give you access to your plastic surgeon with a brief phone call or short drive. Getting your answers immediately and being able to be seen at the office for any concerns right away is a huge benefit of choosing a local plastic surgeon. 

Less Stressful Recovery 

Nerves can be high when getting plastic surgery. To make recovery go more smoothly, being as relaxed as possible and avoiding stressors is best. Trying to get adequate sleep, eating healthy, and having a good support system may become more complicated when traveling for cosmetic procedures. Long car rides are not recommended during recovery, which may increase the stress level post-surgery on your body. Staying local can allow for less stress by sleeping in your own bed, planning meals ahead of time, and being around friends and family to help the first few days after surgery. Recovering in the comfort of your own home is key to a successful recovery. 

Long Term Follow-Ups 

Many procedures recommend post-operative appointments in the office the day after the procedure and for months to come. Having to travel long distances for each appointment can be unreasonable, expensive, and time consuming. 

Our Practice 

Wondering more about Buffalo Plastic Surgery? Our surgeon, Dr. Tamara Dawli is a board-certified plastic surgeon of the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. With over 15 years of education and training all over the nation, Dr. Dawli adheres to the highest standards of care for her patients.

She is also one of only a small fraction of plastic surgeons in the world who has graduated from a fellowship dedicated to aesthetics (cosmetic surgery) under the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

Whether you are getting dermal fillers or reconstructive surgery, it is important to choose your plastic surgeon wisely. So, is traveling to Miami a smart idea for plastic surgery? Our response: Let’s keep Miami for the beach parties. 

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